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Saint Leonard Humanitarian Clinic is where all our researchs, operations and trainings take place. Our lab needs more material such as computers, telescopes, tables, tubes, beds and more important light.Please make a generous donation to our cause so we can upgrade our lab. 


The picture gallery bellow describe the premise of our annex clinic. Please make a generous donation so that we can complete the foundation building and provide our patients with quality care. 

Our Foundation Needs Your Support, Please Donate

  • The head nurse is checking the patient's prescriptions list. Weh...! How can he afford this prescription?
  • A consultation session with Dr. Leo Sinda in our Annex Clinic
  • Dr. Leo Sinda delivers and welcomes a new born baby to the world in the Annex Clinic
  • Infants think of breast feeding, even when on the chest of the caretakers.
  • Buying medicine from the Annex Clinic

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