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Tuberculous Meningitis

Tuberculous meningitis (TBM) develops in 2 steps. Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacilli enter the host by droplet inhalation. Localized infection escalates within the lungs, with dissemination to the regional lymph nodes. In persons who develop TBM, bacilli seed to the meninges or brain parenchyma, resulting in the formation of small subpial or subependymal foci of metastatic caseous lesions, termed Rich foci.

Nurse Aids Demand in Africa

Nurse Aids demand is rising and the jobs in the field is incrising. Africa has a shortage of Nurse Aids. Most nurse aids that work in african health care facilities work as nurse; that is they do the work of the nurses. The principle reason behind this phonomena is the lack of proper training facilities to educate and train prospective nurse aids. 

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