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   Dr. Sinda Leontine Executive Director
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       Dr. Sinda Leontine is the Executive Director and Founder of the Saint Leonard Health and Research Foundation (SLHERF) Limbe Cameroon. She leads SLHER- Foundation in its mission to fight poverty and bring positive social change in Africa by bringing smiles and relief to the children who will one day lead them, and women who build strong nations.
        Dr. Sinda devotion to the mission, her commitment for success and honesty have allowed the charity branch of SLHERF: Humanitarians Without Borders to reach the less privileged, especially women and children in underserved, rural, and non accessible communities in Cameroon and other African countries. Her humanitarian action and efforts to fighting gender inequality and violence against women, promoting education, safe environment for sustainable development, health and human rights.
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        Dr. Sinda believes that Africa is facing poverty issues. However, as a social changer the challenges do not discourage her. Chances to turn these challenges into opportunities are the inspirations that drives Dr.Sinda to take humanitarian action for sustainable development in Africa and support children and women that can build stronger and healthier Africa.
       Before Founding SLHERF Dr. Sinda worked as a course instructor at a local American NGO in Cameroon ( Open Door Development Clinic).
       Currently a PhD fellow at the University of Buea ,Cameroon, Dr. Sinda received a Masters degree in International Coorporation and Humanitarian Action IRIC University of Yaounde 2, Cameroon after completion of her studies at the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences University of Yaounde 1 Cameroon.

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